Leia Thomas joins Bryony Mortimer in successfully achieving a place at Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts in Swindon. Well done to both of you and good luck in your dance career.

Leia Thomas – following auditions you receive the letter which could potentially change your life. After lots of debate I decided to decline my first offer as I didn’t feel it was the right school for me. Following this I received some unsuccessful letters which was very hard, especially as they all came at once, my self-esteem definitely took a big knock and for the first time I didn’t think I could do it. I sent out my application for sixth form and a local musical theatre college as a backup. I auditioned at the local musical theatre college and was given a place the day after; I accepted my place even though it wasn’t what I truly wanted. At this point I was still waiting to hear from one of my favourite schools, Wilkes Academy. I got very nervous towards the arrival of the letter and worried as I knew I only had two chances left to train at a full time musical theatre college this year. My letter arrived and I opened it alone. I read it over and over again to make sure I gained my place because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was the best news I had heard in ages and I was excited that not only was I going to my dream school, it’s not too far away and one of my closest friends was going as well. After I accepted my place I was also offered a place at a college near London, Emil Dale but I turned the place down as I feel like Wilkes Academy is a better fit for me.

The audition process was hard and I had many knock backs however when I look back at the year I’ve realised there were also many successes. In the end I was offered four places and one reserve place in different colleges all over the country.

I would not be in this position today without the Angel School of Dance, Miss Angela has taught me since I was two and a half and Charlotte Lynch since teaching at the school. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Bryony Mortimer joined the Angel School of Dance in the summer of 2016. As one of our talented pupils currently going through auditions, here is her account of her efforts to achieve her dream of dancing professionally.

Since Bryony wrote this blog she has also secured an offer of a 3-year Musical Theatre bursary and scholarship at Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts in Swindon as well as the offer from Bath Dance Academy – we are sure you will all join us in saying a huge well done!

Having danced at Allsteps in Lydney, I felt that I was not reaching my full potential as a dancer. I had suffered some knock backs because Elmhurst in Birmingham had let me go after training there every Saturday, for 2 years. Then I made the best decision by leaving Allsteps dance academy and joining The Angel School of Dance. I have improved enormously, and I have also grown in confidence. I communicate more with my fellow dancers and have formed great friendship bonds with some of the girls. I now truly believe that I can achieve my dreams by becoming a professional and the first step is by getting a bursary and scholarship to Bath Dance College which offers me a 2-year level 3 Performing Arts Diploma. This will then branch out into many jobs in the dance world, which is very exciting. This is all thanks to the Angel School of Dance, because if I’d never gone to Angel’s I wouldn’t be achieving my dreams.  I am so grateful for all the hard work and effort that you have all put in to improving my dancing.

Bryony M.