I am sure you will all remember the website post in 2018 letting you know that our next Production would not be as huge as our 2016 show. How could we possibly top that I hear you ask? We said we would be keeping it simple with costume costs and accessories as low as possible and, for some numbers the performers would be in their dance leotards……..and then we put together a weekend of dance, entertainment, magic and pure joy!  A huge congratulations to everyone involved:

  • To all our dancers, THANK YOU:
    • For being so patient, respectful and well behaved for your chaperones back stage; your helpers during the extremely quick changes; for Chris whilst waiting to go on stage and for not trampling Pat when going off stage! The Blake Theatre organisers were also very impressed with you all.
    • For your hard work and dedication and for performing at such a high standard. Dancing at a new venue was always going to be daunting (especially when you have had no rehearsal time), but you did not let this phase you at all – well done!
  • To all the stage team, THANK YOU:
    • For ensuring all performers were fully costumed and immaculately turned out and made it on and off the stage safely – not one quick change missed!
  • To the chaperones and helpers, THANK YOU:
    • For your patience, support and care of all the pupils in your groups, whether it was help dressing, toilet runs or just a few words or a hug to boost their confidence.
  • To the sound and lighting team, THANK YOU:

And last but NEVER least! Angela and Charlotte for the amazing choreography – this really was the Greatest Show!

What now we hear you ask? Photos will be available to purchase from Monday 11th March, more information to follow.

For the remainder of 2019 we will be concentrating on examinations and moving the pupils through their grades in Ballet & Tap.  We will also be exploring the possibility of introducing Street/Urban exams for those interested, and there will be some new and exciting additions to the dance school over the next few years.

We feel that the Blake Theatre was a great success and we will be using them for our forthcoming events.

There will be a Showcase for the lower school pupils in the spring of 2020. This will be a Sunday event and as with our 2018 Showcase, we will involve some of the older pupils to help and support the younger dancers.

Our next Production weekend for the upper school will be in the spring of 2021 and will be a similar format to this year. Dates for both the above to be confirmed.

Feedback Comments

Robert Wade, Consultant Solicitor (Ella Saunders colleague)    Your show was truly astounding. I was simply not expecting to see such professional excellence in an amateur production. I was not surprised to hear that you had all spent 10 months preparing for it.  From the littlest tots to the seniors, the whole show spoke of concentrated effort from everybody concerned, the costumes, the make-up, lighting and sound and the dancing itself, which was at all times exhilarating, exuberant, emotion-filled and charming. Congratulations!

Tracey Ninnis – Totally brilliant- don’t know how you all did it but it was amazing. Well done to each and every one of you. Can’t wait to watch again tomorrow x

 Renee Brouwers Well done all!! Best show so far!! Looking forward to seeing it again this afternoon! Such a shame there’s no DVD…. xxx

 Poppy Fielding – Absolutely fantastic, a seamless production and every dancer was brilliant. Seren loved being in the show and is gutted it’s all over. I couldn’t have been more proud 💖. Only regret is not being able to watch her dance back again. It would have been worth every penny to get the show filmed. A huge well done and thanks to everyone who made it all happen x

 Heidi Lawson Thank you and congratulations to everyone, it was an amazing show!

 Tracey Ninnis – Thank you all so much, it is such a special experience for the girls who take part

 Vikki Humphreys Thanks to everything for such a fabulous show. So much organising and dedication to make it successful and it’s mostly behind the scenes and unnoticed! Xx It was brilliant and Seren had a wonderful time making lots of memories. Thank you to all involved xx

 Michelle Jones It was amazing Layla loved it, thank you so much to everyone who helps make these girls dreams come true.

 Sarita Nunney Thomas Amazing. Lovely to watch and so proud for my daughters to be part of Angel school of dance. Thank you to every single person that played some part in putting the show together.

 Jennie Whitworth Edwards – Thank you all so much for your hard efforts. It was totally fantastic! Xxxx

Lisa Reid It was another fabulous show well done all xx

Wendy Havers It was a great show, Caitlin enjoyed watching it from the ‘other side’ xx well done everyone xx

Jane Davies – An absolutely outstanding show! Huge congratulations to everyone involved. So amazing and so impressed with all the dancers and particularly proud of Ella ❤️. Thanks to the Angel School of Dance crew for all the hard work that went into such a fab production. Can’t wait for next time! Xx

Lucy Guerra Thank you to everyone involved in organising and running such a fabulous show! So well organised. I have a fairly shy child that always doubts herself (even though she doesn’t need to) who has always dreaded school assemblies and concerts and to see her confidence and excitement to perform within the Angel school of dance shows is just so lovely. 10 years this year she started ballet as a 3-year-old and now also does tap and street, always loved Miss Angela and now looks up to Charlotte with such admiration, what lovely role models to have in your young daughters life. Xx

Angharad Jones – Thanks so much to everyone for putting on such an amazing show and for giving the children so many brilliant memories. Absolutely loved it all!

 Karen Dally Thank you everyone for making Evan feel so welcome and encouraging him to do what he loves, even the fake eye lashes he had yesterday! He loved every minute of it being his first big show. Special thanks to Miss Angela and Charlotte for letting him be part of it

 Emma Lorraine What a fabulous weekend. A true team spirit. Being part of the Angel School of Dance is definitely like coming home. Everyone should feel so proud of themselves, whatever role they played!! See you very soon girls xx

Anya Crisp-Patterson I have just opened the wine Mel! My feet and back are completely shot but all the girls and Evan were great to dress and make sure they got on stage in time!! Even the ‘be back soon’ girls – told you we would nail it. Thank you to you all you were impeccably behaved x

Jane Davies Anya thank you so much for all your help with Ella. She told me how fab you were with all of her quick changes and reminding her to drink water! x

 Jennie Whitworth Edwards (via Messenger)

Dear Mel I just want to send a personal thanks to you and all the back-stage team. I was so impressed, it ran like a Swiss watch. We have two daughters in the show -Maddy and Charlotte Edwards. Maddy was in several dances and Charlotte was in a couple of dances. Maddy had lots of changes and was helped by everyone. Charlotte spent a lot of time in the room as she had less dances but said the adults had a lot to deal with and were constantly on the go — so a real big, big thank you to you all for all you have done this weekend. It is really appreciated.  They loved it and got so much out of the experience. I’m so grateful to everyone for all their hard work. Xx

Emma Perkins Amazing show! Can’t wait for tomorrow! X

 Nicky Davies-Cook Amazing show….didn’t want it to end….can’t wait for tomorrow ❤💃Alicia Cook well done my darling.xxx

Beverley Kneath Fabulous show! Well done everyone 👯♀️

Kirsty O’Hara Fabulous. Well done everyone x 💃🏼 🕺🏻

Claire Mizen Just wanted to say that we all enjoyed the show yesterday.  It was a great venue to stage it, and the whole experience was much more pleasant than the leisure centre. Costumes and lighting were stunning ….  You should all be proud.

Charlotte Vaux Dear Ang, Wow! what can I say?! It was amazing and I loved seeing you on a stage again 😍 An outstanding production as always. First and most importantly, thank you 💖 Lowri has so many happy memories of her second show (she hasn’t stopped talking about it all day!) and we both appreciate all of the time, energy and love that you give every single one of your girls.