My Retirement Story

Pat Cannon 2019

Since announcing my decision to retire from the Angel School of Dance I have been thinking back to when it all started, thirty-eight years ago. At the time my youngest daughter Becca, then aged 5 asked if she could learn to dance.  Who would have known that this simple request would lead to a life-long friendship with Angela and an opportunity to become part of what would be, and now is, the best Dance school around!

Angela was in her second year running the dance school and based in Tutshill village hall when Becca started Ballet lessons. Just a few weeks later her sister Lisa, then aged 7, decided she too would like to learn to dance and within a short space of time they also started Tap lessons with Angela.  What followed that decision was many years of dance classes, Ballet theory questions, hours of practice, dance exams, moving up through the grades, great friendships and the excitement of the shows.

Lisa danced with Angela for eleven years before leaving to go to university, Becca for thirteen years and as for me…. well I had the pleasure of working with Angela for over thirty years 😊

It was the shows held every three years or so that increased my involvement with the school as I was then, and still am, able to sew and make my own clothes and costumes.  Back when it all started the bulk of the costumes were all homemade by a team of Mums and friends who could sew. As Angela worked to make each show bigger and better than the previous one, we sewers had to do the same!

During these early years I went through three sewing machines, countless trips to fabric shops searching for the right patterns and fabrics, many hours of measuring, sewing and fitting and two new carpets in our home due to the sheer amount of sparkle everywhere! At this point I should say a huge thankyou to Alan for his patience during the lead up to the shows and his help at the performances.

The decision to retire has not been an easy one to make.  Many hours of ‘should, or shouldn’t I?’ followed by just as many hours seesawing back and forth from yes to no and back again before making the final decision.

It has been and honour and a pleasure to be part of something so great and although I will, and do miss it (there is an Angela and Dance hole in my life), it was the right decision.  Now, how to sum up the past thirty plus years? Let’s see…………hard work, stress, lots of fun, friendships, exciting stage productions, opportunity to be creative, great results and best of all, watching both pupils and the dance school grow to be ‘better than all the rest’.

Thank you Angela, pupils, parents and friends, for your help, support and friendship over the years.

Just remains for me to say here’s to another thirty years of the amazing Angel School of Dance!