Lyrical Jazz

Take your ballet and jazz skills to the next level

Learn to tell your story with beautiful fluid movements

Lyrical is a form of contemporary dance fusing together ballet and jazz techniques. Lyrical jazz is a passionate and emotional style of dance drawing on the emotion of the music and the performer to tell the story.  It is generally a little more fluid than ballet and is somewhat faster. A variety of lyrical steps and contemporary tricks are taught in this class as well as choreography.

Due to the level of skill involved, pupils must have passed Grade V Ballet in order to join our lyrical jazz class.

Charlotte Lynch

Charlotte Lynch


Uniform is essential.
Make sure you know what to, and what not to wear…

Are you ready to put your dancing shoes on?

Angel School of Dance

Angel School of Dance was established in 1978 and offers ballet, tap, musical theatre, street dance, jazz & lyrical jazz classes in Chepstow, South Wales.

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