Street Dance

Feel the beat, learn the moves. And enjoy a good workout at the same time…

Learn to break, lock and pop with our popular street dance classes

Street dance is a modern, versatile and very energetic style of dance, which is hugely creative. Movements are often counter intuitive and rely on improvisation and interpreting the music in an unusual way. It can be very individual as pupils are encouraged to show off their personality.  The moves are often very intricate and precise and require the pupils to give their all.

The class will work on hiphop techniques, grooves and choreography building confidence & improving dance ability.

Street lessons are available for children aged 4 years old and over.

Charlotte Lynch

Charlotte Lynch


Uniform is essential.
Make sure you know what to, and what not to wear…

Are you ready to put your dancing shoes on?

Angel School of Dance

Angel School of Dance was established in 1978 and offers ballet, tap, musical theatre, street dance, jazz & lyrical jazz classes in Chepstow, South Wales.

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