Hello Everybody

It seems forever since we were in the Leisure Centre, every day of the week for you dedicated mums and dads, I hope you are all well and safe and I am sending love to you all.

We have now completed 5 weeks of Zoom, Facetime and Website dance, whether it has been Syllabus work, Exam work, watching films for Musical Theatre, Stretching, Production work for 2021 or Quizzes etc, so now it is Half Term….

In this half term we are going to be here to do 1-1 classes with myself, Charlotte, Nicola and Eleanor, please contact us, also the Showcase Photos will be on the Website for all to see, they are just amazing.

The week of June 1st we are going to do a contact week, please look at Website and Facebook for all Zoom classes, there will a lot with some just to say HELLO! Then exam classes for students who were due to take them in March 2020; Senior Production Work; My Baby Ballet; Intro to ballet and Pre-Primary Ballet Saturday morning; Feedback Friday for all of you to tell us what you would like from us, and a Grade 6 class for all of my students who have now amazingly completed over half of the syllabus. Mel will put out the timetable on Facebook with all ID codes and Passwords for all sessions and I look forward to seeing you all, it will also be on our Website Members Area.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all my team and teachers who have kept me going, to all the students who have contacted me, and worked with me through this very difficult time, in 42 years of teaching I have never been without all of you so this has meant so much.

See you soon and keeping dancing

Love Miss Angela xxx