Please be advised that bbodance (British Ballet Organisation) has recently re-structured their syllabus grades.  Please see below new structure along with the make and colour of leotard pupils must wear in class and during examinations.


Beginners Ballet, Introduction to Ballet, Pre-Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet – Dancewell Pink Skirted Leotard (Jenetex) and Pink Ballet Socks

Grades I/II/III, bbodance – Lavender Leotard

Grade IV/V, bbodance – Navy Leotard

Grade VI and upwards bbodance – Black Leotard

Musical Theatre

All Grades, bbodance – Black Leotard, Black Leggings and Black Jazz Shoes


Primary bbodance – Blue Skirted Leotard

Stage I/II/III bbodance – Mulberry Leotard

Stage IV/V bbodance – Purple Leotard

Stage VI and upwards bbodance – Black Leotard